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Cave Pools

There are many cave pools in Anda worth visiting within walking distance from the hotel. Number 1 of course is Cabagnow Cave, just a 10 minutes walk from the resort.


Hiking in the forest, Climbing hills, Waterfalls, Fireflies

Too much to mention, all in- and around Anda. Easy to reach from our hotel. 


  • TALISAY BEACH, a beach in Anda mostly used by local fisherman, with very few tourists. Just 1 minute walk from the resort.

  • WHITE BEACH, a pristine and clean beach in Anda with a few resorts. With low tide you can walk there in 5 minutes.

  • QUINALE BEACH, the main beach in Anda. Very shallow and great for young kids. Some bars and restaurants close by. With low tide, a 20 minutes walk from our hotel. Best to reach with a motorbike.

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Experience the local community. There is no better way than by scooter. Just go and have fun!



Anda is relatively quiet, but has a few nice restaurants and bars.

Zenith Restobar is located directly next to the public market and offers nice food and drinks over viewing the market. 

Anda de Boracay has often live music and has an interesting atmosphere.

Hangover Bar is worth visiting if you like to mingle and enjoy some buzz.

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